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Applications featuring three dimensional (3D), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) capabilities are fast becoming the most promising innovation in healthcare. By 2020, Medical 3D, VR, and AR applications are projected to be a $20 billion global market (Markets and Markets).

At Saritasa, our full in-house team of talented artists, developers, and engineers will work with you through a collaborative process to create interactive 3D, VR, and AR teaching aids, sales presentation tools, and other integrated products to fit your exact needs.

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Mobile and web-based applications utilizing interactive 3D models are widely used by educators, students, doctors, and patients.

Applications with 3D models facilitate deeper learning and mastery through interactive exploration of the disease, procedure, and/or medical device being modeled. For instance, apps have been created for surgeons to simulate a dissection using only their finger on an iPad. Similarly, with a 3D model, patients can zoom in, zoom out, and explore the parts of a medical device.  Studies show that patients who are more familiar with a device before purchasing are more likely to ask their doctor about getting the device, more likely to be satisfied with their purchase, and less likely to file complaints.

At Saritasa, we create visually stunning, interactive 3D apps for education, training, and medical models. Our experienced developers use industry-leading platforms such as Unity and Unreal Engine 4 to generate apps that fit your company’s unique needs. Once completed, your 3D app can be deployed across any platform including iOS, Android, Web, and more.


Virtual Reality (VR) is an artificial creation of a three-dimensional world that, when expertly created, makes users feel like they are experiencing the simulated reality firsthand. Users experience an immersive digital reality through sight and sound.

Medical device companies can now use VR to virtually test new devices on patients. This capability makes rapid prototyping possible, eliminating the slower process of creating many physical models. With VR, several patients and physicians can tune in to test devices at a single given time.

VR applications are increasingly used to train physicians, educate patients, and improve the quality of medical devices. For instance, VR is being used to record surgeries in real time to train medical professionals. Physicians and students can now observe and learn how to use medical devices, from anywhere in the world. Surgeons can practice new procedures through VR headsets before ever operating on a patient. The increased confidence and knowledge in procedures that VR provides improves patient satisfaction and reduces complications.

At Saritasa, our VR development team has extensive experience in creating true-to-life, computer-generated simulations for a variety of environments and applications. We create truly immersive experiences for your customers — from learning to product testing, or any other type of application you might need.


Augmented Reality (AR) is a digital layer of graphics or video over the real world. AR produces a new and often more meaningful interaction with reality. Currently, AR is mostly used in mobile devices and apps. Increasingly, however, AR is moving towards wearables such as eyeglasses, headsets, and even contact lenses. For example, AR in wearable digital scanners can assist physicians to better see veins to draw blood and/or insert devices.

Our AR development team creates amazing, interactive augmented reality products utilizing holograms and motion activated commands for applications of all kinds including displays, games, and more.


Every project is unique, and thus requires unique solutions. This is why we maintain expertise across all the major technology stacks. Maintaining such expertise enables us to create realistic, three-dimensional environments and experiences for all types of 3D, VR, and AR applications. If your particular project requires custom tools and solutions to capture your exact vision, we can help build that tool as well.

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"At Saritasa, we found a partner with whom we can exchange ideas and rely on for excellent feedback and guidance as we move forward with our business. Our user friendly format and customized search algorithms has made our system almost a turn-key operation for our clients to implement and these are critical components for success. Saritasa has been responsive and reliable in fulfilling our needs from start-up to our continuing expansion. We could not think of a better recommendation for anyone who wants to build a successful software business....Thanks Saritasa." — Ricky Olivarez, CEO Digital EMS Solutions Inc.

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"There is real excitement within the industry due to the iPad, we are the first in traffic management to incorporate it,” said Michael Whiting, Iteris Director of Engineering, who further commented on the work improvement seen with the user-friendly iPad compared to previous systems. “Our experience (with Saritasa) has been really great from initial contact to completion. The team understood development ideas quickly and were very responsive and on top of the tasks." — Michael Whiting, Iteris Director of Engineering


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