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ISO 13485 compliance with the following standards:
  • IEC 62304 – The FDA recognized CE Mark requirement for medical device software development.
  • ISO 14971 – The standard for managing risk for medical devices.
  • IEC 60601 – A series of technical safety and effectiveness benchmarks for medical electrical equipment.

Mobile healthcare is one of the fastest growing segments of the healthcare industry. Currently, there are over 500 million patients using mobile health apps. Fitness apps are the most popular mobile apps. Analysts project that the mobile health market will reach $26 billion by 2018; 50% of all smartphone users will have some form of a health app. Within the next year, half of all physicians in America will incorporate mobile health apps into their practices.

The complex nature of healthcare requires specific industry and regulatory know-how to deliver compliant mobile applications.

At Saritasa, we create highly functional, innovative, and user-friendly mobile health solutions. We are thoroughly familiar with the industry and can ensure that each of our mobile health apps is FDA and HIPPA compliant. Our talented team of designers and developers can deliver apps across platforms, from Android to IOS.

careLOFT iOS App

The rapid development of wearable devices is expected to produce a $12 billion market by 2021. This explosive development is driven by patient demands for effective chronic disease management. Most wearables assist in treatments for patients with congestive heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The future of wearable device innovation will be geared to helping consumers identify early disease warning signs; that will help patients slow the progression of their diseases and reduce complications.

At Saritasa, we will work with you to develop highly tailored apps to make your wearable accessible through mobile devices. With our expertise, your customers can easily access their wearable devices anytime and anywhere through an integrated, sleek mobile app.

Remote Monitoring & Data Collection

Remote monitoring and collection of patient data is possible when mobile apps are combined with wearable sensors. While most wearables allow patients to view their own data, remote monitoring through mobile apps enables physicians to see the data as well. Physicians can use these apps to track biological statistics such as glucose, weight, and blood pressure.

Wearables that use monitoring and collection apps are especially useful for tracking patients with chronic illnesses. With these apps, physicians can be alerted and catch potential medical emergencies before the need for hospitalization arises. App-supported wearables drastically reduce both hospital admissions and readmissions, saving resources for patients and physicians alike.

At Saritasa, we integrate wearable devices, patients, and physicians through a comprehensive mobile platform. Coordinating care plans and reducing hospitalization instances are all possible with our suite of mobile app development tools.

Online & Mobile EHR

The advent of online Electronic Health Records (EHRs) has allowed patients and providers to communicate with ease. Increasingly, patients are demanding access to their healthcare information on their mobile devices. Mobile EHR allows patients to check test results, access prescriptions, and review their treatment plans. With mobile EHRs, physicians can coordinate care plans with patients outside the office.

The biggest concern that that Providers face in enabling mobile EHR is protecting patient data security and privacy. Patients fear the theft of their personal and health information, and physicians share their concerns.

At Saritasa, our capable designers are uniquely experienced in developing secure, safe mobile apps. Medical device makers and Providers alike can rest assured that our mobile apps will protect the private health records and personal information found in EHRs.

Device Marketability

Wearable devices are more likely to draw the interest of patients if they are combined with mobile apps. When patients are considering purchasing a wearable, they look for devices that have a social, sharable aspect.

The ability to carry social interactions within an app is a major consideration in choosing a wearable. Diabetic patients are particularly attracted to wearables with shareable capabilities. Wearable sensors that track blood glucose levels and share these stats with physicians and parents in real time are in high demand.

At Saritasa, we can help you to elevate your wearable device towards greater market visibility. Our skilled team can help you develop a mobile app with highly shareable and social capabilities. Our mobile app development capabilities can ensure that your device is more competitive in the market.



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