A Little Thunder™ Humbucker

Their Challenge

Our client came to us with the idea to create a new electric guitar replacement humbucker that gives guitarists the ability to play guitar and bass together or separately. Each of the two pickups in A Little Thunder™ can operate independently. A Little Thunder™ uses DSP, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), and a unique third method to process the organic signal to produce the bass sound.

Our Solution

Saritasa provided full source systems engineering services through the conceptual and prototyping phases for A Little Thunder™. We provided services to assist the client in structuring the research and development processes, and played an advisory role in choosing custom and off-the-shelf parts. The custom electronic humbucker device and DSP firmware were created in close partnership with the client to deliver a production-ready product for the client to hand-off to their chosen manufacturer.

What Saritasa Did:

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Firmware

To measure, filter and compress continuous analog signals.

Systems Engineering

Designed and managed the engineering systems through the development life cycle.

Algorithm Development

Perfected the pitch shifting DSP algorithm to deliver the best quality sound.

CODEC Interfacing

Implementation of CODEC for decoding digital data streams of audio.

Battery Design

Lithium battery, charging system, and power management system for maximum battery life.

Prototype Development

Tested various electronics and mountings options to deliver the best end product.

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