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Saritasa is excited to announce the release of Baldwin Cup, an iOS app developed utilizing the Conference Connector SaaS application platform. The Baldwin Cup is an annual team race hosted by Newport Harbor Yacht Club in April. 12 teams from across the country come to Southern California and compete in 200 races in the scenic Newport Harbor. This app is a convenient tool for participants of the race to utilize for live results, weather, area maps and more. Even those who can’t attend can use the app for live race results and updates.

Mobile apps are extremely beneficial for public events; they assist with organization, information and live updates for the attendants. For companies or individuals who are hosting an event but don’t have the budget to develop an entirely new mobile application, Conference Connector is the answer. This application creates apps for your event that are completely customized, for a nominal fee. Conference Connector avoids the high cost of mobile app development and allows you to allocate your funds towards what really matters – your event! See more on Conference Connector here.

The Conference Connector & Baldwin Cup iOS applications were both built by the Saritasa team of mobile developers.


SaaS Development

The rampant growth in mobile apps creates a demand for all products and services to provide a mobile option for their users. But what happens if you don’t have the funds to create a mobile app? Introducing Conference Connector. This application, developed for TIP Medical Communications, utilizes a cloud-based content management system to centralize and develop conference gatherings and events. The customizable features were implemented in the Baldwin Cup mobile application, including the Event Schedule, Race Rotations, Discussions and Live Results from the Venue.

Event History & Scheduling

Since 2008, the Baldwin Cup Team Race has been a unique and distinctly West Coast Yacht Race that brings in teams from around the United States. The full history of the NHYC can be seen within the Event History feature in the app. The schedule of events within the Baldwin Cup app allows users to see the daily breakdown of events. Beginning at 8am, every hour is broken down into the schedule, with location information and including meal times, race schedules, competitor briefings and more.

Race Rotations & Live Participant Discussions

The Race Rotations feature provides a breakdown of the race schedule for each day. It includes information such as the Race number, team name, team color, and the respective information for the opponent. The unique Discussion feature is a space where participants, onlookers and even those who aren’t at the event can discuss the races, their favorites, who they think will win, and more! Offering the Live Discussion feature creates an environment of communication and friendly competition for all the participants.

Local Area Maps & Live Results from the Venue

If the participants and their families want to venture out into Newport Beach, the app provides a local area map filled with information on restaurants, shopping, hotels and more. Implementing the Live Results feature to the app is a customizable option that Conference Connector provides for its’ applications.

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