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Consent Amour Web & Mobile App

Their Challenge

Proof of mutual consent in the case of physical relations between adults can be hard to secure. The challenge is, to provide a discreet, user-friendly tool that is easily accessible, identifiable and does not spoil the mood.

Our Solution

Saritasa provided custom development for the Consent AmourTM website and mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. Consent Amour is a new tool empowering students and individuals in military, corporate and other dating environments to freely give or deny consent to physical relationships in a private and secure manner.

Consent Amour Web & Mobile App

“We now have two world-class mobile apps, two websites, a logo, and a cloud platform. They were highly experienced, talented, and easy to work with. They are down to earth yet professional.” – CEO, Consent Amour

What Saritasa Did:

Cordova & Python Development

Our developers utilized Cordova as a framework for developing the application to be used on both iOS and Android devices. The API, backend, and website were all developed using Python.

Wifi/Cellular Connection

Wifi is not necessary in order to use the app – simply generate the consent form and send a request via messenger.

UX Design

The Consent Amour App was designed to be user-friendly and easy-to-use without ruining “the mood”. The app allows users to simply select a user and send a consent request. The receiving party can quickly reply “yes” or “no” with a tap of a button and the answer confirmation is sent to the requester.

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