Couples Connect iOS App

Their Challenge

It can be hard to meet new friends after a big move, or even when you just want to expand your social circle. The challenge becomes even more difficult when you add kids to the mix. Parents often struggle with finding friends that they can connect with while ensuring their children are engaged too. So why not just find couples with kids that match your interests? That is easier said than done…. Until now.

Our Solution

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything. Enter, Couples Connect.

Our client had the genius idea to build a platform that allows couples to connect with other couples in their area who have similar interests and similar-aged children. No more struggling to find friends in new areas or couples who enjoy similar activities! Now, you can connect with like-minded couples with a few taps on your phone.

Couples Connect iOS App

What Saritasa Did:

Native Development

Our team of engineers built a Native iOS app using Swift to give users the optimal user experience.

GPS Location

The idea behind the app is to connect with other couples in your area. It heavily relies on GPS integration. Parents can adjust their search radius based on their distance preferences.

Interest Filters

Couples are able to add their interests to the app and filter by those interests. If they want to find fellow movie junkies, other couples who love board games, or active hikers, they can filter with the click of a button!

Matching System

Similar to most apps based on connecting their users, Couples Connect uses a mutual “liking” system. Parents are able to “like” other couples’ profiles, and if there’s a match, they get to exchange contact information.

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