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Saritasa is happy to announce the development of a Web Content Management System (CMS) built for SPG Goods. SPG Goods is an eCommerce company, and the CMS system is designed to facilitate the displaying, selling and shipping of goods via the internet while improving the communication between the users of the system.

The CMS gives multiple user roles the ability to sell products to selected user roles. The CMS provides full integration with TradeOne funding accounts and with the Intellitrack Inventory Management System. With the CMS System, reports can be customized and purchase agreements are digitally signed and stored in the CMS. SPG Goods has control over the creation and management of product pages. All of these features make the processing and shipping of orders simple and easy to manage.

The SPG Goods CMS associates options with product characteristics with assigned SKU numbers. This allows different attributes for products with SKU numbers to be easily added or augmented based on the type of product and choices available to customers. For example, SKU numbers for a T-shirt that can be ordered in sizes Small, Medium, or Large and is offered in White or Black, can be set in one Product with multiple SKUs.

Users of the CMS have the ability to manage product pages and adjust detail pages based on various product types. The content and images of each page can be easily modified. A feature product page can be set up to highlight individual products at different times. In addition, shipping prices are manually set and can be changed for a variety of shipping methods.

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