Fandom Dates Dating Platform

Their Challenge

It’s no secret that dating is hard, despite the myriad of dating apps and websites out there. It becomes even harder to find a match that cares about the same niche interests. And if your interests revolve around sci-fi and fantasy, it can be even harder to find people as passionate as you are. If only there were a dating platform built to meet other like-minded people searching for romantic connection…

Our Solution

Fandom Dates is a dating app designed by geeks, for geeks. The entire idea behind the platform is to make it easier for self-proclaimed nerds and geeks to find love.

Fandom Dates Dating Platform

What Saritasa Did:

Web Development

The web-based version was built on the Scott8 framework using the PHP programming language to save costs for the client versus building from scratch.

Interest-Based Filters

The entire idea behind the platform is to connect people based on their interests in the same fandoms. People are able to add multiple fandoms on their profiles and connect with people who love the same things they do.

Hybrid App Development

Our team created iOS and Android versions of the platform by wrapping the codebase for each operating system.

Subscription Service

The app functions on a monthly subscription model for users to be able to interact with their matches. For the iOS version, Apple Pay is integrated for ease of payment.

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