FieldLevel Team iOS App


Saritasa is pleased to announce the release of the FieldLevel Team iPhone App. The FieldLevel Team application was developed for college coaches and recruiters to access data on prospective athletes while keeping compliant with regulations. The FieldLevel Team App is an extension of the main website,, and works with FieldLevel software providing the easiest way to centralize and organize athlete recruiting efforts.

The FieldLevel Team App logs all communication history, eliminating violations associated with unannounced calls. Emails and notes on phone calls are saved and shared with all coaching and recruiting staff. The FieldLevel App aids recruiters to avoid communicating with athletes too often, or at the wrong time, allowing recruiters to focus on other recruiting efforts.

The mobile application integrates with the FieldLevel API, so all information is centralized and accessible via iPhone, BlackBerry, or the main website. Coaching staffs have the ability to add prospects and family members, log contact history, log evaluations, and add enrollment in a sport. Changes to any dated are updated in real time. The FieldLevel Team App includes live updates and push notifications. Because all recruiting activity is recorded with the FieldLevel Team App, compliance reports are easily generated, reducing paperwork. FieldLevel Team reminds coaches whether their sport is in a recruiting, quiet or evaluation period. It also includes a college compliance violation guard that keeps staff informed on when prospective athletes can be contacted.

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