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Restaurant and bar owners can breathe easy when it comes to purchasing alcohol for their business. Using Intelligent Inventory & Ordering Systems, or IIO Systems, operators can determine the products they need to purchase. IIO is a revolutionary ordering system that assists restaurant and bar owners with accurate inventory orders every time! Saritasa’s skilled development team worked with IIO Web Systems to develop both the iPad app and the website for convenient inventory tracking and one-touch automated ordering.


Predictive Software Development

IIO Systems can analyze the patterns and quantities sold in the past to determine current ordering needs. Say a bar uses 50 ounces of tequila for margaritas in a given week. If the bar accounts for 40 ounces of tequila sold, IIO Systems creates a report showing the operator what was lost, providing vital information for future purchasing. Whether the bartenders are over-pouring or giving alcohol away, the IIO Systems application uses its’ Loss Prevention Tool to access how much of all product was lost. The IIO System not only calculates the alcohol needed for future drinks, but it also accounts for all other ingredients as well. The system uses predictive software to tell operators how much of the other ingredients needed to purchase for upcoming weeks. Saritasa developers built the app with advanced capabilities to integrate with any POS system in the industry.

Drag & Drop Inventory Management

Using IIO Systems, operators are able to set the system up around their business instead of having to change their business structure to adapt to the system. With a drag and drop feature, operators can organize the IIO Systems program around their business, and with the handheld app, these actions can be performed on a mobile device. Using the app, any operator can enter the inventory on location and with ease. The predictive software accounts for historic data (how much has sold in a previous time frame), time of year, time of day, and even includes the weather. These factors can be implemented to adjust orders accordingly. Saritasa’s team of developers integrated the client’s API with the current system used.

Programming Language & Design

Apple’s native language Objective C was used to design this iPad application. Saritasa’s design team also worked strategically with the client to create a logo design and branding that fit the idea behind the software. Our expert web developers created a Content Management System that is easy to use for operators, while remaining efficient and accurate from the back-end admin side.

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