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Their Challenge

Our client wanted a space for sales professionals and sales teams to manage daily sales activity, track which results are producing actions, and improve the efficiency of the sales process overall.

Our Solution

The Saritasa web development team built the iTrac website as an effective sales tool. Using the patent-pending Daily Activity Tracking system offers an effective and organized platform for sales team management. The iTrac website was built using the highly efficient L.A.M.P infrastructure platform which combines the Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP software stack to create dynamic, high-performance website solutions.

What Saritasa Did:


Collaboration within iTrac allows members to create a sales team, or be added to one, to access the daily activities, view reports or prospect logs of fellow team members in real- time. Additionally, users can create contests within a team to encourage enhanced sales performance by charting all members progress in a simple graph.

Cloud Computing

The iTrac website is specifically deployed to the Cloud, or Cloud services, allowing for scalable bandwidth. The integration of Cloud computing helps to tailor the needs of a website, depending upon the amount of users who use the website and the amount of content being added.

Mobile Optimized

iTrac allows sales teams to observe daily activity from anywhere in the world on a smartphone or tablet device. By optimizing the iTrac website for mobile devices, it expands the usability and allows real-time access from any location.


iTrac users have the ability to create unique dreamboards that help keep track of their personal motivation for achieving specific goals. Dreamboards are kept private and can only be viewed by the specific user logged in.

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