MXD Moto iOS App



Saritasa is excited to announce the MXD Moto iOS App developed forMX Development Labs, LLC. The MXD Moto iOS App, developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, is a technologically advanced training tool designed to give extreme sports riders the upper hand on the racetrack.

MXD Moto iOS App

Key Features

  • Record Lap Times: Not only does the MXD Moto iOS App record the exact location of the track being driven, but it also records one or multiple lap times. Motocross riders simply set a “Start” and “Finish” point on the track which is displayed using the GPS system. By recording lap times in this way, the MXD Moto App accommodates for a typical motocross “ride day” defined by the different “motos” or sets of laps that athletes will ride.
  • GPS Track Location: Saritasa iOS app developers built the MXD Moto iOS App specifically with motocross athletes in mind. Motocross riders simply have to press the “Start” button on the MXD Moto iOS App and carry their preferred iOS device with them as they ride around the racetrack. Using the built-in GPS system, the MXD Moto App records the location of the track being driven and makes the track available for display over a Google satellite view.
  • Performance Factors: Delivering excellence in iOS app development, Saritasa designed advanced features for the MXD Moto iOS App to provide riders with insight on important performance factors to further enhance athletes’ riding experiences. The MXD Moto App records information about riders’ motorcycles, including front and rear suspension settings, gearing, and tire pressure, to provide athletes a more thorough understanding of the different elements that have factored into their riding time.


The MXD Moto iOS App specifically for use on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices using Apple’s software development kit (SDK) and the programming language Objective-C. With sound design and user-friendly interface, the MXD Moto App is a prized tool for any motocross or trail riding athlete.

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