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Their Challenge

With so many applications available for download, and more being added daily, things get a little too complicated. Technology is complex enough as is, and with too many options, it starts to get a bit convoluted. As an advanced technology solutions company with hundreds of clients and projects, we know how important organization is to success — which is why we’ve simplified things with our contacts app, Organizer.

Our Solution

Organizer serves a simple purpose — to establish and maintain a sense of coordination and harmony in the life of consumers.

What Saritasa Did:


Developed with Objective C for practical use and API implementation, Organizer creates a secure, private space for iPad devices to house all contacts.

API Integration

Native Facebook API implemented so users can easily import contact information for friends and family directly into the application.


Set recurring events, meetings, phone calls, dates, etc. within the app. Notes can be created per contact and customized at any time.


Minimalism and ease-of-use were our goal when designing the Organizer app. We built an app that is both secure and user-friendly.

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