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PulseTread App and CMS

Their Challenge

PulseTread, LLC wanted to create an app that acts as a reminder of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, while simultaneously providing professional fitness instruction.

Our Solution

Saritasa developed the PulseTread Fitness App, an innovative subscription service that users receive on their Smartphones. The app provides 30-minute cardio workouts that can be completed at any time during the day.

What Saritasa Did:


Developers implemented Objective C, Apple’s native iOS programming language throughout development.

Subscription Service

Saritasa iOS developers created the mobile application with capabilities of sending daily workouts to the users who have purchased the subscription.

User Interface

The goal of UX was to create a functional mobile app that encourages and motivates consumers to become active through a daily subscription. Users can select music from their iPhone Library and start their workout anytime.

Content Management System (CMS)

PulseTread operates with a Content Management System, where administrators on the backend can log in, create new content, update workout content, as well as edit and remove content as desired.

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