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Market research just got a whole new platform to stand on; a soapbox platform. Saritasa is pleased to announce the completion of the Soapbox Rx App developed for Calign, Inc., with versions for Apple and Android mobile devices.

A leader in market research, Calign, Inc. initially planned for a surveying app for use solely in the pharmacy and medical industries. However, the survey platform has since expanded into a research network applicable to various business models and industries. The Soapbox Rx App streamlines the data collection process through survey administration into an organized database. The mobile application provides an ideal platform for administering surveys which are just the right length, increase survey reach, and facilitate increased data acquisition from qualified professionals who would not otherwise fill out a survey.


Push Notifications

Users receive push notifications in the Soapbox Rx App when a survey has been administered and is waiting to be completed. A closing date for survey completion is provided to allow users to plan a convenient time to fill out the survey. Administrators can include an incentive with each survey which is shown inside the app to encourage users to complete surveys.

Multi-Media Answer Options

The Soapbox Rx App takes full advantage of smart device capabilities allowing for interactive answer options to be built into surveys. Answer options include the traditional multiple choice or comment box, and unique multi-media options such as sliders, image capturing, and voice recording.

Database Integration

The Soapbox Rx App is fully integrated with Calign’s secured main database, which maintains comprehensive research data gathered from survey participants organized by industry and topic category. Survey administrators can target registrants within specific fields with push notifications and completed survey results are then pushed back by the app to the secured database.

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