Tappy Count Apple Watch App

Their Challenge

The Tappy Count Apple Watch App is a personal counter that allows you to track virtually anything and everything. Tappy Count is one of the most versatile and sleek tally counters available…not to mention convenient! Elegantly designed for use on both iPhone 6+ and Apple Watch devices, Tappy Count gives you options. Simply tap to count on the iPhone 6 screen or lose the bulk and count on your wrist with Apple Watch.

Counting and keeping track of large numbers of people or things has never been easier. Set up and run one counter or multiple counters at once. Count forward or backwards with simple tap to count functionality on the app screen. Use Tappy Count just for fun or for more serious tasks. Count everything from laps, rounds won and vodka shots, to event attendees, speech tics and product inventory. No matter what you’re counting, with Tappy Count you’ll never lose track of your count again. The opportunities are endless!

Our Solution

Although the client came to us with an idea, they did not have a clear vision of where their project would go. Along with development, we provided product management services to help them get a clearer idea of their product.

Tappy Count Apple Watch App

What Saritasa Did:

Swift Programming

Implemented Swift, the innovative programming language used for optimal application design whose syntax works cohesively with Objective C and creates apps that run smoothly and efficiently.

Scalable Development

Beautifully designed for the Apple Watch and complete with an iOS companion app that is scalable across all mobile devices.

Apple Watch Development

Created using Apple Watch’s native software development kit for optimal functionality and a clean user interface.

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