uCapture Mobile App Development

Their Challenge

Humans consume a lot and that consumption produces a massive amount of waste. The average American is responsible for 20 tons of CO2 per year, and with over 325 million Americans, the amount that we contribute to global warming is staggering. Simply watching a 50” TV created 500 lbs of CO2 per year. Daily, the average American is responsible for over 100 lbs of CO2.

The brains behind uCapture wanted to create a tool to help reduce our environmental impact and lead to a greener future. They needed something easy for the general consumer to use in order to lower the barrier to entry and actually make a change for the greater good.

Our Solution

uCapture utilizes the simplicity of technology to make it easy for people to reduce their carbon footprint without needing to change anything in their daily routine. By partnering with thousands of websites, uCapture gets a portion of the money you spend and contributes it to carbon offset projects. It’s as easy as downloading the app or extension.

What Saritasa Did:

Shop & Save

uCapture incentivize users to reduce their carbon footprint by providing coupons to thousands of online retailers. While consumers go about making their daily purchases they save – both money and the environment. They can shop via the mobile app, website, or even the browser extension.

Carbon Offsets

A portion of each purchase a user makes gets donated to Carbon Offset projects, such as; reforestation, methane capture, and renewable energy. They have a tracker to show users how much of an impact each purchase they make has. Each dollar spent can help offset anywhere between 4 lbs to 138 lbs of carbon.

Native Development

uCapture is also available as a mobile iOS app, allowing a user to shop at all their favorite stores via the app and help fund carbon offset project when doing so. Our team of expert iOS developers built the app via Apple’s native programming language, Swift.

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