Challenges for Restaurants

Restaurant brands must address many unique challenges in today’s ever changing technology landscape. Supporting legacy systems with a over burdened IT staff is difficult and leaves little time to implement the latest mobile technology. Many restaurant CTO’s are facing an IT-Skills gap. Because their development team is busy maintaining legacy software implementations, they have little time to learn the latest programing languages and techniques or implement new technology strategies. CTOs are forced to fight fires rather than think strategically about implementing new technology services like Uber Eats that are enabling restaurants to reduce the cost of delivery and acquire new customers. These new solutions must be integrated into the existing restaurant systems which requires a multi disciplined team of developers that can work with a wide array of technology stacks.

The restaurant customer of today is quite different from that of 20 years ago. Today’s customer has concerns about diet and nutrition, food allergies/sensitivities, and sourcing of ingredients, they like to have access to this information quickly on their mobile device. Rewards programs, reservations, and delivery must be mobile friendly either via a responsive web site or mobile application. On-line ordering either via a mobile friendly website or dedicated mobile application is a must for this new breed of customer and their expectations for a high-end application experience make it critical to implement a quality mobile application.

Restaurants typically use touch friendly POS systems to manage seating, menus, orders, staff and these systems require user user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers that can optimise new software applications for these devices. Touch screen software has a unique set of challenges related to device management, making the software intuitive for non-technical users, and keeping devices secure and locked into the restaurants applications. Often, the POS systems do not offer all the functionality required to manage a location, they must be implemented using applications developed in-house and integrated to operate seamlessly.

Saritasa Can Help

We can provide the entire team necessary to help your restaurant brand meet complex technology challenges. We offer highly trained, cross functional teams of  UX/UI and Graphic Designers, Project Managers, System Architects, multi disciplined development resources and dev-ops professionals experienced in the development and implementation of software for the restaurant industry. Our skilled developers and dev-ops professionals can help you develop new applications and integrate them with your legacy systems and POS implementations.

We provide flexible engagements ranging from project based to dedicated teams of resources that function as an extension of your own development and IT personnel.  Our development model has helped our restaurant industry clients improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and implement new technology solutions by leveraging our vast experience developing custom software and maintaining/enhancing/integrating with their legacy systems. Our teams can augment your own internal development and IT resources in whatever way works best for your organization. We can work in tandem with your developers or focus on more isolated tasks and projects where we can provide end to end project management and development.

We can help you reduce your time to market for on-line menu systems, mobile applications, and integration with delivery service providers such as Uberrush, Grub Hub, Door Dash, etc. We can help you expand and enhance your existing applications and help migrate them to cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

No matter the project size, scale or complexity, we can help your restaurant brand lead the way with current technology solutions.



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"At Saritasa, we found a partner with whom we can exchange ideas and rely on for excellent feedback and guidance as we move forward with our business. Our user friendly format and customized search algorithms has made our system almost a turn-key operation for our clients to implement and these are critical components for success. Saritasa has been responsive and reliable in fulfilling our needs from start-up to our continuing expansion. We could not think of a better recommendation for anyone who wants to build a successful software business....Thanks Saritasa." — Ricky Olivarez, CEO Digital EMS Solutions Inc.

"Audience Delivered has had a five year relationship with Saritasa, LLC. Their work and dedication is first rate. They are smart, responsive and fairly priced. A first class company with great people and skills who look out for their clients at all times." — Richard Whitman, Audience Delivered

"There is real excitement within the industry due to the iPad, we are the first in traffic management to incorporate it,” said Michael Whiting, Iteris Director of Engineering, who further commented on the work improvement seen with the user-friendly iPad compared to previous systems. “Our experience (with Saritasa) has been really great from initial contact to completion. The team understood development ideas quickly and were very responsive and on top of the tasks." — Michael Whiting, Iteris Director of Engineering


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