AROSurgical eCommerce Site

eCommerce Site is an eCommerce site providing the finest, hand-held micro surgical instruments worldwide. With extensive knowledge in eCommerce development, Saritasa provides valuable guidance for clients who are unsure about the best solutions to meet their needs and goals.

AROSurgical Instruments, Inc. needed to create a professional, secure eCommerce site that is both user-friendly for customers and easy to maintain by the AROSurgical team. A custom site built on the BigCommerce platform was recommended for AROSurgical resulting in an end product that is cost-effective to maintain and achieves the client's goals.


  • BigCommerce Development: Saritasa created a customized eCommerce site on the BigCommerce platform incorporating the client's existing logo and brand imaging guidelines.
  • Quoting Feature: Saritasa worked with the Quote Ninja team to implement customized quoting features for specific product pages.