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Custom Python development for frontend/backend web and application development by our expert Python programming developers.

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    Trusted By Top Companies

    From brainstorming to troubleshooting onsite issues, Saritasa earned their place as one of my "first call" technology partners.

    Zaqary Whitnack, iHeartMedia, Inc

    A first-class company with great people and skills who look out for their clients at all times.

    Richard Whitman, Audience Delivered

    At this point, it wouldn't matter which vendor bid a job against Saritasa – there would be NO QUESTION who we would do business with again in the future.

    Luma Reihani, TVPlus

    Your quick response and commitment to helping our company make us feel like you're part of our in-house tech department.

    Daniel Shaunt, Real Estate Endeavors Company, Inc.

    Why Choose Us


    Our experience speaks for itself. Over our 10+ years in business, we’ve worked for hundreds of clients, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies and everything in-between. We’ve helped with projects with as little as 100 development hours and up to more than 70,000 development hours, from a project with just 2 developers up to projects with 40 developers in parallel. We’ve built the very simple, down to very complex with heavy business logic, in various verticals: Health, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Finances, Trading, Advertisement, Field apps, Logistics, Education, B2B, B2C, ERPs, CRMs.


    Our company is built on long-term partnerships, which means that we want to earn your trust and keep it. We do this through our commitment to absolute transparency about us, our processes, our work, and your project. We will always keep you up to date on the status of your project, budget, risks, timelines, and blockers.

    Communication & Collaboration

    For us to deliver any solution successfully (small or big, simple or complex) we communicate with you, a lot. From discussing requirements down to limitations of the technology stack, framework, or particular algorithm implementation. We’re your second brain you can use in various ways.

    Quality Code

    We’ve seen a LOT of code. Ugly and Beautiful. We LOVE beautiful, well-organized, abstracted and layered code. It’s part of our DNA. We do not create code that “just works” – we create code that grows with you and is easy to maintain and expand. Our code is a representation of us, which is why it’s always fully documented with inline comments. We’ve worked on many projects where we took over code written by someone else, so we know how to avoid the pain of old legacy code. 

    Secure Production Environment

    Think of your server environment as your solution’s “house” –  be it physical server you host at a data center or in the Cloud on AWS/Google/Azure. No one wants to live in a dirty, patched-up, broken-down house. We ensure our production environments are well documented, easy to manage, self scalable, monitored for health issues, secure, and easy to expand.

    Professional, Scalable Teams

    When you gotta grow, you gotta grow. We’ve structured our resources to be flexible, allowing us to quickly onboard additional developers as needed. Every member of the Saritasa team is vetted for professionalism, experience, and skill. Our developers are highly skilled in their area of specialty: 

    • Python, .net, PHP
    • Swift, Objective-C, Android Java, Kotlin
    • React, Angular, Vue
    • DevSecOps
    • PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MySQL

    Local & Accountable

    We value in-person interactions and believe that face-to-face problem solving is critical for a successful project. We know trust is earned, so we want to be more than just a name on a computer screen – we want you to see our office and to meet our team. By being right down the street, we know that you can hold us accountable.

    Attention to Detail

    Our attention to detail is what sets up apart. Every part of the project is treated with extreme care, from the requirements to wireframes to design, all the way to implementation on the code level. We don’t move forward until everyone is clear about what should be delivered.  We make sure that implementation works under various conditions and we take additional steps to verify that our code answers the requirements of your project.

    Source Code Ownership

    We work for you, whether it be an ongoing engagement or a one-time project. It’s that simple. Our work is shared with you at all times – no strings attached. You always own your code and can take your development in-house at any time. 


    We strive to provide efficient, timely solutions for our clients, which is why we’ve automated routine operations – such as deploying, testing, expansion. We perform automated deployments to the production environment, spawn integration tests, unit tests when new changes are coming from the development team, and even automated stress tests of the solution when needed.


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