DevOps Services

Rapid, Reliable, and Scalable Innovation

DevOps can be thought of as a cross-functional collaboration between development and business operations teams to rapidly and reliably bring scalable innovations to market.

Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement, Sharing

Our DevOps model is built on the CALMS framework which combines business culture, lean development practices, and automation tools to streamline an organization's ability to efficiently deploy software applications and services. Performance results are measured and shared through the close communication between the operations team and developers to guide quality updates.

Microservices, Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Delivery and Integration

No matter the size of your organization, there is an expectation to deliver new products and services or updates to existing ones without delay or interruption. Our DevOps services help companies adapt better to changing markets, innovate faster, and develop more efficient workflow processes to drive business results. Structured microservices, infrastructure as code, continuous delivery, and continuous integration practices are employed to roll out quality updates and infrastructure changes while maintaining a positive experience for end users.

We're DevOps Experts

We leverage automated services and tools available through advanced cloud technology providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud to deliver secure, highly available, and scalable infrastructures for applications, web systems and services.


Assessment of the current state of your process for software delivery, which includes deployment and operations. Audit for on-premise, hybrid and full cloud infrastructures.


Consultation on adjustments for your software architecture, optimizing on-premise infrastructures, the tools you should use, and automated testing.


Delivery of end-to-end solutions including migrating on-premise infrastructures to the cloud, hybrid cloud support, and optimization services built specifically to meet your individual business requirements.


Coaching and consulting to develop and/or configure tools for your team to boost efficiency.


Education and training for your technical leaders, including tips and tricks for various DevOps techniques.

Developing products using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes can be slow, difficult, and costly.

What to Expect from Saritasa DevOps Services

BUILD FASTER: Your business requirements change as you react to shifts in the marketplace as well as customer demands and expectations. We help improve development processes, delivery pipelines, and infrastructure management enabling you to quickly release new applications or updates to existing ones.

AVOID PITFALLS: Mistakes in deployment can result in costly losses. You need a smooth, continuous deployment process to keep products and services functioning. We leverage automation tools to keep your operations moving, provide proactive alerts to address potential problems, and symplify your IT lifecycle — to reliably keep your software integration and deployment process moving.

IMPROVE QUALITY: We help transform your IT production by leveraging all the tools and methodologies of the DevOps structure. Automated tests on integration and function free up resources to let you focus on your work. The extra bandwidth can be used to focus on improving products and services instead of worrying about outages or issues in the development process.



Contact Us

Call us, or fill out the form on this page. If needed, we can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before you share business-sensitive information.


No-Cost Consulting

We start with understanding your complete techonolgy needs and requirements. We involve technology and subject matter experts so that we can define an optimal technical and business solution that meets your needs, budget, and long-term objectives.



Based on the agreed upon solution, we will provide you with necessary budgets or a proposal and timeline to bring the project from concept to production.





“From brainstorming to troubleshooting onsite issues during our events, Saritasa has been invaluable to our VR projects. Their team is dedicated. Their process is seamless, and they go above and beyond in every phase of the project. As a result, they've earned their place as one of my "first call" technology partners."

— Zaqary Whitnack, iHeartMedia, Inc.

"At Saritasa, we found a partner with whom we can exchange ideas and rely on for excellent feedback and guidance as we move forward with our business. Our user friendly format and customized search algorithms has made our system almost a turn-key operation for our clients to implement and these are critical components for success. Saritasa has been responsive and reliable in fulfilling our needs from start-up to our continuing expansion. We could not think of a better recommendation for anyone who wants to build a successful software business....Thanks Saritasa." 

— Ricky Olivarez, CEO Digital EMS Solutions Inc.

"Audience Delivered has had a five year relationship with Saritasa, LLC. Their work and dedication is first rate. They are smart, responsive and fairly priced. A first class company with great people and skills who look out for their clients at all times." 

— Richard Whitman, Audience Delivered

"There is real excitement within the industry due to the iPad, we are the first in traffic management to incorporate it,” said Michael Whiting, Iteris Director of Engineering, who further commented on the work improvement seen with the user-friendly iPad compared to previous systems. “Our experience (with Saritasa) has been really great from initial contact to completion. The team understood development ideas quickly and were very responsive and on top of the tasks." 

— Michael Whiting, Iteris Director of Engineering

"We selected Saritasa as our website partner a few years back and it has been a pleasing experience. When it comes to website development we put our trust in their hands and are continually happy with the output. Their team displays high-energy, creativity, willingness to think outside of the box, and a determination to take a client’s ideas and make them a reality. Saritasa listens to the client’s needs and they are conscientious of financial expectations while being able to find solutions that provide great results."

— Megan Vincent, Phillips Industries, Inc.

"Very positive experience. I really enjoy working with you, Nick, and the whole Saritasa team. Your quick response to our needs and commitment to helping our company achieve its goals makes us feel like you're part of our in-house tech department."

— Daniel Shaunt, Real Estate Endeavors Company, Inc.


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