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We build scalable, flexible software architecture for high-performance systems to empower your organization to adapt and grow as your business evolves.

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Our software architecture services

Software architecture is the foundation of any successful software solution. Whether you are building from scratch, rethinking existing architecture, or modernizing a legacy system, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver commercial-ready software.

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Technology Stacks

Not all technologies are created equal

We focus on proven technologies that are time-tested, developer-loved, and made to last. Our experienced development team intentionally chooses and analyzes each stack we support to deliver long-term, lasting value and results.

Case Studies

Featured custom software development projects

Check out our case studies to see the Saritasa difference.

AddOn Networks CMS and Web Development

Saritasa streamlined AddOn Networks' vast inventory with a custom CMS, product configurator, and quoting tool, driving 20%-30% annual growth for a decade.

Custom Web

AllStar Elevator Inspection Software

Saritasa aids in Allstar's transition from MS-Dynamics to a custom CRM, automating elevator inspections for efficiency.


iWater infraMAP GIS Software

Saritasa transforms iWater's infraMAP into a scalable SaaS solution, streamlining GIS for utilities with intuitive UI and high-precision GPS.

Custom DevOps Web

RV Halo Smart IoT Platform for Winegard

RV Halo is an IoT ecosystem with iOS and Android apps that allow Winegard customers to monitor and control their RVs.

Custom IoT Mobile

CareSphere Hiring Platform

CareSphere partners with Saritasa for a two-part system—mobile app for applicants and web portal for hiring—streamlining home care worker recruitment.

Custom Mobile

Nationwide Rail Services Management Software

Saritasa revolutionizes NRS's operations with a custom workflow system, integrating APIs and smart dispatch for efficiency and productivity.

Custom Web

GEM Fleet Management Software

Saritasa partners with GEM to revolutionize fleet management. Real-time tracking, big data, route optimization, and collision avoidance enhance productivity.

Custom IoT

Burger Boss Online Ordering

A custom ordering system empowers Burger Boss customers —built with sleek UI/UX, Python development, and integrated with NCR and mobile payments.

Custom Mobile Web

Merit Integrated Logistics Platform

Saritasa revamped Merit Logistics' backend with enhanced work order management, precise employee tracking, and facial recognition.

Code Takeover Custom

Fuel IQ PoC Platform

Fuel IQ's route optimization app enhances fuel efficiency with admin panels, driver notifications, 3rd party integrations, and cost-saving algorithms.

Custom Mobile Web

oVio Asset Management System

A secure offline backend enabling oVio to access and store 360-degree images through a user-friendly web portal.

Custom Web

Immersion Neuroscience Platform

Immersion Neuroscience revolutionizes experience measurement with science-backed insights through heart rate monitoring.

Custom IoT

The Saritasa Difference

Why choose Saritasa as your custom software development company?

For businesses to make the most of technology, they require an expert's calm and knowing hand. A committed partnership to illuminate the most efficient and beneficial path to success. That’s where Saritasa comes in.


We Believe in Mutual Success

We care about successful customers, fulfilled employees, and useful solutions. Everything we do is intended to find the right balance of outcomes for the common benefit of all.

we solve problems

We Solve Problems

We are a team of driven experts, from developers to designers to engineers and beyond. We are passionately committed to wrestling with the most complex business problems and applying technology systematically to solve them.

partnerships over projects

We Value Partnerships Over Projects

We don’t take a transactional approach to our engagements. Rather, we foster personalized relationships built on trust and the perpetual delivery of benefits over time.


We Build It, You Own It.

It’s that simple. Once we finish development, we pass over the complete source code so that your project is yours – no fees or strings attached. Whether you want to continue working with us for maintenance and updates or take the project internally is up to you.

trust is earned

We Believe Trust is Earned

Our company is built on long-term partnerships, which means that we want to earn your trust and keep it. We do this through our commitment to absolute transparency, accountability, and reliability.


Our augmented reality development process

Whether you’re new to AR development or a seasoned veteran, we’re committed to providing transparent, honest communication every step of the way.


We start by getting an understanding of your vision. That includes everything from your technical requirements to the needs driving this initiative. The more we know, the better we can develop a bespoke plan that will not just meet, but exceed your expectations.

Consultation & product planning

Once we understand your vision, we draw from our decades of experience to strategize the optimal approach to address your specific needs. This could include consulting on technologies, value engineering, an emphasis on lean development, and/or designing a product roadmap.

Wireframing & design

We go through a highly collaborative design phase before we write a single line of code. You’ll work with our expert UI/UX designers to create beautiful, intuitive wireframes and visual designs following our heuristic design principles.


This is where the vision becomes reality. Our expert developers consider everything from technical architecture to infrastructure setup to coding. Quality drives every aspect of this phase, from detailed documentation and code comments to a focus on security, and an emphasis on scalability and code lifespan.

Quality assurance

Once we’re “done” with development (software is living, so code can never truly be done), we undergo rigorous testing processes by dedicated QA personnel. This may include test cases, automated testing, penetration testing, and more.

Product deployment

After design, development, and testing, all that’s left is to launch! Our DevOps team uses Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices and automated deployments to ensure a smooth launch.

Maintenance & ongoing development

We want to be your technology partner. While we’re happy to hand off the fully documented code to you after the completion of the project, we’d love to be your partner for future releases, enhancements, and fixes. We have multiple levels of support and maintenance to keep your system running at optimal performance for years to come.


The DevOps lifecycle

DevOps processes operate in a continuous loop, each phase feeding into the next to provide maximum quality results in the shortest possible time.

Plan: The planning phase sets the stage for the rest of the process. Key stakeholders determine what features, enhancements, and bug fixes to prioritize.

Plan: The planning phase sets the stage for the rest of the process. Key stakeholders determine what features, enhancements, and bug fixes to prioritize.

Code: Developers get to work writing new code, reviewing old code, and following the practice of continuous integration by merging code into a central repository.

Build: Continuing the practice of continuous integration, automated tools transfer small chunks of code into a binary artifact for testing.

Test: Through a combination of automated and manual testing, QA & key stakeholders identify and eliminate any potential bugs.

Release: Here, the process transitions from development to operations as the application is prepared for deployment.

Deploy: Continuous deployment practices help automate the integration of the code changes into production (aka bringing the updates live).

Operate: The operations team manages and scales the infrastructure as needed, is responsible for minimizing downtime, and manages resources.

Monitor: Both development and operations work in parallel to ensure system performance, monitor user experience, and improve future processes.

Empower your project with scalable software

We apply a combination of thoughtful strategy and decades of experience to hand-select the optimal approach to address your specific business challenges.


Benefits of properly architected software

Software architecture impacts the system's overall structure, implementation, and interactions. Well-designed software architecture empowers future growth and adaptability to changing business needs.

Tailored to your needs

Tailored to your needs

Optimize server costs

Optimize server costs

Increased scalability

Increased scalability

Increased application stability

Increased application stability

Improve data security

Improve data security

Improve application performance

Improve application performance

Improve maintainability

Improve maintainability

SaaS Product Development

SaaS Product Development

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software

Process Management Systems

Process Management Systems

CRM Systems

CRM Systems

Back Office Systems

Back Office Systems

CMS Systems

CMS Systems

Accounting & Payroll

Accounting & Payroll

Business Workflow Systems

Business Workflow Systems

Inventory Management

Inventory Management


Software architecture for every business need

Over our 18+ years in business, we’ve done it all, and if we haven’t, we’re eager for the challenge. We are passionate about delivering custom software solutions to complex business problems.


You benefit from our experience

At Saritasa, we believe the promise of technology is boundless. Every industry benefits from embracing technology to grow, remain competitive, and thrive. Our cross-industry experience gives us insight into each sector’s unique challenges and the ability to build customized, innovative virtual reality solutions.


Custom software development is the process of strategically designing and developing software to address the specific needs of people and/or businesses. The goal of custom software is to make peoples’ jobs easier, businesses more productive, and outcomes more profitable. A successful custom software solution is the result of insightful strategy, intentional design, and resourceful development. Software solutions can include; web applications, mobile applications, CRM systems, and more.

The cost of your project will heavily depend on its complexity. Costs can range from $40,000 to $300,000 or much more… Some factors that affect the cost of a software development project are:

  • Platform Requirements (web, mobile, desktop, etc)
  • Feature Requirements (amount, complexity)
  • Design Complexity (uniqueness of features, complexity of workflows)
  • 3rd Party Integrations (amount, level of documentation)
  • Infrastructure Considerations (scalability, expected user volume, redundancy requirements, processing power)

Software development is often more complicated than assumed at first glance. See here for a breakdown of what affects custom software development costs. Or contact us to get an estimate specific to your project.

Like cost, the timeline varies depending on the complexity of the specific project. On average, our simpler projects take between 4 and 6 months to complete. Depending on our approach, we can speed up this timeline or aim for frequent, minor releases.

We subscribe to the philosophy of lean software development, which opts for building smaller, more frequent releases to allow for the biggest impacts in the shortest amount of time.

While the initial cost of hiring a development team may seem high, the long-term benefits of having a custom-built product that meets your specific needs often prove worth it. The benefits of custom software depend on your company’s unique business needs.

Examples of real-life benefits our clients have achieved are;

  • Productivity improvements through automation or custom workflows
  • Sales increase due to simplified buying processes for customers
  • Onboarding improvements through more effective training
  • Decreases in downtime due to streamlined processes
  • Elimination of manual workflows through automation
  • More effective data collection, analytics, and reporting

Unsure if custom is the right fit for your business? Talk with one of our Consultants to see if our services can help.

No, our company does not outsource. All of our work is done in-house by Saritasa employees who undergo rigorous interviews and training. Our software developers participate in continuous education to ensure they are always up to date on best practices. We retain the best developers and compensate them well so they can focus on what they enjoy doing and we can offer quality services.

We have a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement ready to go, or you can provide us with your own that we will sign before engaging in discussions about your project.

Saritasa stands apart through our commitment to purposeful innovation, building value through results, and dedication to earning your trust (and keeping it). We don’t apply technology as a blanket solution to every problem but rather strive to create meaningful user experiences, simplify complex operations, and deliver scalable, enduring business value.


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Dedicated to success

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