oVio Asset Management System

Their Challenge

oVio developed an innovative 360-degree dimensional imagery solution that can be used across a variety of industries, from medical to corporate to government. Their technology allows someone to create dynamic still image and video files of the entire object which can be viewed in a 3D environment. The client came to us with an existing PC application that works with their imagery technology, but they wanted to be able to access the same data through a web portal.

Our Solution

Our team built an internal system for oVio’s imaging equipment that allows them to store the images taken offline in a secure backend.

What Saritasa Did:

Programming Language

Our team of experienced developers used View.JS to built the offline backend for oVio’s image storage.

API Integration

The client provided an API from their existing PC application that allowed us to access the images and develop the web portal.

Future Features

Moving forward, oVio has exciting plans for where their technology with go, including creating 3D objects from the photos for use in AR/VR environments.

The image above is from oVio’s website and is not an image of the system we built for them. The backend system is proprietary and we are unable to share images of the actual project.


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