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Software Works Best When it Works Your Way

By Saritasa | July 22, 2021 |

A big part of your secret sauce is in how you do what you do. Your process. Nobody else does it quite like you – that’s why customers prefer you.

But then you decide to use software to make operations easier and suddenly you find yourself confronted with conformity. The software works in a particular way considered to be “standard.” Do you give up that secret sauce for their ketchup?

Software should make things easier, not change the way you do things. You may find some great ideas when you try out a piece of software, but you don’t want to have to alter your workflow if it’s already working for you.

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You Don’t Need to Get into the Computer Business

Many people are under the misconception that having software that works the way you do requires great technical sophistication to create and operate.

That’s just not the case.

All you need to know is how you do what you do – how your operations run best. Then you sit down with a software developer, discuss your operations, and let them design software specifically to your needs. Today, the best software developers are not only technical programming experts, they’re also business experts. Great developers can readily understand your vision and create a clear Scope of Work outlining your software.

Once you’ve approved the Scope of Work, they build your software to your specifications. They’ll build it in stages, making sure that you’re satisfied with each stage, before moving on to the next. The finished product will mirror the way you’re accustomed to working, except that many processes will be automated making them faster and less prone to errors.

What About Running That Software?

If you’ve ever purchased anything online, played a game, ordered food, or done just about anything on a computer you’ve used software-as-a-service (SaaS). You see the software on your computer screen, probably through a web browser, but the actual software is running elsewhere… in the cloud! You don’t do any software maintenance to run Amazon, or Doordash, or Uber. You simply use them. Maybe you use them on your mobile device. Still, the software is running elsewhere and delivered to your browser as a service.

Your software developer sets this up for you, and it completely removes all the heavy lifting. You don’t purchase, operate, maintain, or otherwise deal with servers, storage, networking gear, or anything else. You and your people simply plug into the internet and use your software.

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Take Advantage of What’s Out There

Cloud-delivered software gives you another advantage – access to all the other software and resources that are running out there in the cloud! How does that benefit you?

Running your software may call for a variety of kinds of information. Weather information, stock market issues, real-time traffic activity. In times gone by, all of those might have had to be written into your software at great expense to you. Now, your software simply calls other “microservices” to provide that needed information instantly through APIs and integrations. This simplifies the building of your software, reducing the cost and keeping the developer focused on you and how you do what you do.

Software as Adaptable as You Are

Cloud-delivered software is also easily changed and upgraded by your developer. Nothing for you to load or upgrade. No reason to stop working. You simply develop a rhythm with your developer, planning new improvements, developing them, and rolling them out whenever you’re ready.

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Device Flexibility Too

Especially since everyone started working from home, people have sought more flexibility in the way they work, where they work, and on what devices. Many are opting for lighter-weight handheld mobile devices, wearables, and more.

The software keeps up with them. With the bulk of the work taking place in some far-flung cloud service, fewer changes need to be made at the endpoints where those users’ devices live. The software senses what device you’re using and provides the right interface automatically.

The Autonomy of Cloud

You can get computer infrastructure out of your life completely. With cloud-delivered software services, friendly software is designed specifically for you, is easy to operate, and far more efficient than anything you’ve used before.

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