BJ’s Tip Share Software Development


About BJ’s Restaurants

BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. is an American restaurant chain known for their Californian twist on dish pizza and hand-crafted beer. Established in 1978, BJ’s has grown to 216 locations across the United States.

Their Challenge

BJ’s nationwide presence means they need a seamless process to record, collect, and share tips for servers. They have a pre-existing legacy software but did not have the time and resources to update the software themselves – that’s where Saritasa came in.

Our Solution

As a full-service software and product development company, we were able to deliver a product that surpassed client expectations with minimal instructions.

The BJ’s Tip Share application is an internal software solution that easily and accurately allows servers to record their tips and share them with other employees (busboys, chiefs, etc).

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

.Net Development

The BJs Tip Share app was built using .NET programming and is compatible with the restaurant’s Windows tablets.

API Integration

The application supports 3rd party API integration with the company’s payout service, allowing servers to access and collect their tips.

Legacy Hardware

The client had legacy hardware in the form of older tablets they used which we updated to be compatible with their newer tablets.

Remote Testing

We set up a remote server and worked with the client to deploy the app to their testing lab for a remote testing environment before the final launch.

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