Data Ticket Android App


About Data Ticket

Data Ticket, a California-certified small business since 1989, provides comprehensive software and services for parking and administrative citation processing, towing management, and permit issuance, aiming to exceed client expectations with their expertise and attention to detail.



Their Challenge

Data Ticket, a full-service parking and administration citation-processing agency, needed a better solution to replace the clunky old parking ticket device used by officers in the field.

Our Solution

Saritasa worked with Data Ticket to develop a user friendly Android application to simplify the process of creating and printing citations for traffic violations in cities nationwide. The Data Ticket App is privately used by multiple law enforcement agencies in California, and there are plans in place to expand usage across the US.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Native Android Development

Built using Android’s native Java programming language to reduce costs while simultaneously maximizing features and efficiency.

Violation Options & Fees

The officer can select the ticketable violation, from speeding to illegal parking, and the app will bring up the estimated quote for the offense.

Bluetooth Portable Printer Integration

The app is connected via Bluetooth to a portable printer each officer wears on their belt. With the Bluetooth connection, the officer can print the citation out and give it to the driver or leave it on the vehicle (in the case of a parking violation).

Secure Data Collection & Management

All required citation information such as license number, VIN number, make and model of the vehicle, photos or video of the vehicle in violation are electronically recorded and securely stored in the agency database.

County-Wide Access

All officers within a county have access to a designated app. Data Ticket App users are able to view tickets issued by day, officer, and location.

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