GeneClues 3D iPad App


About Quibble Genomics Institute

Quibbles Genomics Institute offers genome sequencing services for individuals and professionals, providing access to high-performance computing for medical condition analysis and gene visualization.



Their Challenge

Quibble Genomics Institute wanted to build an application that would allow users to easily conduct expanded research, explore health conditions, and examine biomarkers.

Our Solution

Saritasa provided development services for Quibble Genomics Institute in the creation of the GeneClues® iPad application. GeneClues® is a medical data science app designed for educators, researchers and students to explore the relationship between health conditions and genes using 3-D models.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Unity 3D

The client envisioned the app to present users with a futuristic, video-game-like experience. To achieve this, our talented team of developers used the Unity 3D platform to design and create the interactive video game environment, while still maintaining the app’s simple and user-friendly interface.

Reference Genomes

Users log into the app to select particular diseases they are interested in exploring and researching. For example, users can select Alzheimer’s from the drop-down list of Health Conditions inside the app. Once Alzheimer’s is selected, a list of all genes associated with the disease is generated. The visual lists can be clicked through to view the various genes that are positive or negative in Alzheimer’s.

Cluster Confirmations

There are five different visual options that users can choose from to view the genome “clusters” within the GeneClues® app; this was done in hopes that every person who accesses the app can gain a visual understanding of what they’re looking at and can fully comprehend the connections made through genes for the various diseases they are researching.

Front-End Development

Our team of developers provided front-end development for the GeneClues® app to achieve a visually stunning application that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

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