KIGT App Development


About KIGT

KIGT produces and sells smart chargers for electric and hybrid cars, both for home and commercial use. As an electric vehicle supply equipment manufacturer, KIGT offers both the hardware and software to cut EV charging costs while simultaneously providing faster charging.



Their Challenge

KIGT wanted to create a product that provided the user with a clean, smooth experience from start to finish in order to promote the benefits of eco-friendly cars. More than just plugging in their cars, KIGT wanted to give users complete control over their the electronic charger processes by connecting their charging stations with a mobile app.

Our Solution

Saritasa worked with KIGT to create a mobile software that would interact with the charging stations, allowing users to control the flow of electricity and see analytics. Thus, the Charge Cloud app was born.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Scheduled Charging

The Charge Cloud app features Smart Charging – allowing the user to plug in their car but wait to start charging it until a scheduled time. This allows users to charge their cars during off-peak times when electricity costs less and therefore saves them money.


Users can keep track of a variety of statistics through their Charge Cloud app. They are able to view how much money they have saved by relying on electric technology vs gasoline, how many charges they’ve had in the past week, etc.

Up-To-Date Information

From the moment a user plugs in their car, Charge Cloud calculates how long it’ll take to up to full battery, which is updated in real-time as the car changes.

Payment Integration

As the KIGT charging system is both for home and commercial use, the Charge Cloud integrates secure payment processes so that users on-the-go get the same seamless experience whether they are charging at home, at work, or wherever else they may be.

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