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About Montes Medical

Montes Medical Group, established in 1986, is a premier healthcare provider in the greater Los Angeles area. The organization specializes in family medicine, offering personalized care for patients at every life stage, emphasizing preventive measures and prompt attention to medical needs.



Montes Medical

Although I only possess a basic understanding of technology, I never felt intimidated explaining my vision to their team. Saritasa was very receptive to our needs and went out of their way to ensure that our requests were satisfied.

Nick MontesMontes Medical Inc

Their Challenge

Montes Medical Group had a pre-existing database that tracked everything from doctors to patients, but their database was old and needed an upgrade for increased security and efficiency. Additionally, the upgrades needed to be accomplished within a tight budget.

Our Solution

With our team of experts and vast expertise in custom database development, we were able to build a replacement for Montes Medical Group’s old solution within their budget by eliminating the design process.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Custom Development

Our team developed custom website solutions using PHP to fit the client’s exact needs.

Database Development

Using MySQL, we built a database to replace their old solution that does everything from collecting data to creating reports.


Reports can be generated based on stored data collected from entry forms in the database.

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