Mr. X WordPress Development


About Trade With Mr. X

Since 2017, “Mr. X” has cultivated a community, guided by factual data, that consistently outperforms S&P 500 and Nasdaq yearly. Mr. X’s accurate calls have made it a hub for dedicated market speculators, emphasizing data-driven approaches over personal opinions.

Their Challenge

Mr. X came to us with an extensive background in stock trading and hedge funds and wanted to build a subscription platform to share his knowledge. In order to build his subscription base, he needed a secure platform to share weekly videos, Q&As, and other relevant information.

Our Solution

Our team developed a customized WordPress solution for Mr. X’s website that allows him to share his content with his subscribers in a secure environment.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

WordPress Development

Our development team built a WordPress Website for Mr. X that allows him to manage both his content and his subscribers.

PHP Programming Language

Our team utilized the PHP programming language to customize the Mr. X website and theme.

YouTube Hosting

Mr. X had a preference for using YouTube to host his massive video collection, but wanted the video library on the website to only be accessible by his paid subscribers. Our team built a secured environment for member only videos.

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