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About Nexem Staffing

Nexem Staffing connects people looking for work with companies searching for the right employee. They operate in a variety of industries, from production to administrative to construction and everything in between.


Nexem Staffing

Last week’s issue of the OCBJ listed OC’s fastest growing privately-owned companies. We were excited to see Nexem listed at #1 on the “large companies” list with 1933% growth over the past 2 years. The purpose of this note is to say thanks to you and your team at Saritasa for your support and partnership in helping us build a meaningful brand and the assets we need to thrive. Round two is going well and I fully expect to see more great things happen for Nexem once our Healthcare site is launched.

Steve TempletonNexem Corporation Chief Marketing Officer

Their Challenge

Nexem Staffing needed an updated website that would allow them to operate more efficiently in connecting potential employers and employees.

Our Solution

Saritasa worked with Nexem to create a solution that would provide the most positive experience for their clients and users. Due to their specific business workflows, they needed to create a highly customized website that is easy and intuitive to navigate.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did


In order to make it easy for the Nexem team to manage and maintain the backend, we utilized WordPress as the platform for their website.

Theme Customization

Our team heavily customized a theme for Nexem Staffing in order to create a budget-friendly website that still flowed with their specific business logic.

Programming Language

Our team of experienced developers used PHP to build the Nexem Staffing website.

Multiple User Types

The website is used by two user types: job searchers and job posters. Potential employers can contact Nexem to have their open positions posted on the website, and potential employees and search and apply to jobs.

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