RRT SaaS Legacy Modernization


About RRT Industries

Restaurant Revolution Technologies offers off-premise solutions for hospitality and restaurant businesses to help manage their ordering, loyalty, and takeout processes.

Their Challenge

In this day and age, an online presence isn’t a bonus, it’s expected. Off-premises business, such as delivery, takeout, and catering, is becoming a larger share of many restaurants’ revenue. The rise of delivery platforms like Uber Eats and DoorDash allows for easy online ordering but at the cost of customer loyalty. On those platforms, a restaurant is one out of a hundred. Many of these platforms reduce a restaurant’s (already thin) margins.

Restaurant Revolution Technologies saw the need for a merchant-first platform to provide restaurants with the tools to offer off-premises services. Order One, their full-suite SaaS solution, provides restaurants with branded websites for online ordering and integrates directly with the tools most restaurants already use. They provide unified omnichannel ordering, live order monitoring, and direct delivery enablement.

Our Solution

Such a massive platform requires an entire team of developers to keep it running smoothly. But as the codebase aged, RRT had trouble maintaining the outdated technologies while running the day-to-day of their business.

We’ve worked on our fair share of legacy projects, whether for modernization, refactoring, maintenance, or even complete rebuilds. Our experience with code takeover projects gave RRT confidence in our ability to update their legacy system to current technologies and enhance their platform with more scalable solutions.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

SaaS Development

RRT’s platform is a large-scale Software-As-A-Service platform, requiring flexible scaling and a stable foundation to provide consistent service to their customers. Our team migrated their hosting to elastic beanstalk AWS for dynamic scaling.

Customizable Restaurant Websites

When a new restaurant signs up with RRT, they need a customized website. Since all restaurants run slightly differently, requirements vary drastically from restaurant to restaurant. Some need to support gift cards and curbside pickup, while others may focus on catering. This required an extensive library of templates to make customization a breeze.

Legacy Code Takeover

As software is its core product, RRT has its own team of in-house developers that built and maintained the code. Overtime it became difficult for their team to maintain the codebase. Our team is experienced with legacy projects and code takeovers, so we came in and updated all their old technologies to modern technology stacks, including AWS, .NET, and Angular.

POS Integrations

Our team helped update the API integrations for RRT, connecting marketplaces for bi-directional data pushes. This allows POS menus to sync in real time, eliminates the need for tablets to control delivery orders, and provides automated order insertion for a seamless flow of information.

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