Sezeen Auction Platform


About Modern Motors

Modern Motors, Inc was a cutting-edge start-up looking to revolutionize the way people could buy and sell cars online, from anywhere in the world.



Their Challenge

Modern Motors, Inc. wanted to build the world’s first (and only) international platform that allowed users to sell and bid on cars online. Their goal is to provide an easy-to-use, accessible tool for both the seller and buyer in online car auctions.

Our Solution

Saritasa worked with Modern Motors, Inc. to develop a state of the art auction system with real-time bidding and information in order to provide the best possible environment for the buyers and sellers.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Custom Development

Our team developed a custom solution for Modern Motors to deliver a car-exclusive online auction.


The auction site contains a variety of filters so that potential buyers can find the exact cars that they want. They are able to filter by year, make, model, country, and more!

Programming Languages

Our team used PHP, HTML, and Angular.JS to develop the Sezeen auction website.

Backend System

The admin portal allows an administrators to control the auctions, add users, and handle payments for the cars.

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