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Making the chore of hailing cabs easier than ever before, Saritasa is excited to announce the release of the GoGoCabi iPhone App — a revolutionary app designed to cut out the middleman and connect passengers with nearby taxicab drivers directly for an easier, more convenient method of employing transportation services. The driving force behind the concept of GoGoCabi is the idea that calling a third party dispatcher is an old-fashioned way of reaching a service provider in this digital age, especially when intuitive smartphones can track location, share appointment information, and send messages instantly in a seamless and effortless way.

Using the iPhone’s built-in GPS to determine users’ locations, the GoGoCabi iPhone App allows prospective passengers to hail participating cabs in their vicinity with just the push of a button. Once a passenger’s “hail” is sent out to nearby cabbies, cab drivers can deny or accept the hail. If accepting, the driver is promptly sent the new passenger’s contact information, a map of their location, and is also given the convenience of sending pre-written texts that inform the new client of their estimated time of arrival, request specifications for pickup location, explain unexpected delays, etc.

The GoGoCabi iPhone App is a win-win for both passengers and drivers. Those looking to catch a ride no longer have to suffer the pain of standing on street corners hoping to find cabs that never show up, and drivers have the opportunity to avoid driving long distances for free in order to pick up inconveniently-located commuters. Passengers also have the ability to schedule pickups in advance and at different locations just by changing the time and place options found on the application. Dedicated to making your cab hailing experience even more convenient, the GoGoCabi iPhone App also allows passengers to save their cab drivers to a favorites list, making it easy to call back favored cab drivers later.

The GoGoCabi iPhone App is designed so that users can register under three different parties—passengers, taxicabs, and business partners. Passengers are given the pleasure of using GoGoCabi’s services free of charge and are encouraged to use this application as often as they wish, while taxicab drivers are charged $1 per “hail” they accept but are given the benefit of having a major boost in business! Additionally, registered business partners are given the amazing chance to help boost cab availability while earning their own money as a result.

GoGoCabi is an exciting iPhone App not only because of the amazing services it provides, but because its popularity is already growing! The GoGoCabi iOS app is available for FREE download in iTunes with services offered in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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