Monex App Development

Their Challenge

Monex, an industry leader and the most trusted two-way bullion market for US investors, wanted to create an application for users to easily access a timely conceptual perspective of the state of USA fiscal affairs.

Our Solution

Saritasa helped develop the Monex Bullion Investor application, a simple yet robust tool for US investors.

Monex App Development

What Saritasa Did:

App Development

The Monex Application was developed for both iOS and Android devices.

Price Alerts

Alerts can be set to the user’s individual preferences for when a commodity changes prices, or reaches a certain price.

Personalized Dashboard

Dashboard can be personalized to user preferences to give a screenshot of the financial markets the user follows from 8 categories; Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Energy, Index Currency, and USD fiscal figures.

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