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Polara Field Service iOS App

Their Challenge

Polara Engineering, Inc. is the leading supplier of Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APR) and ADA-compliant pedestrian technology in North America.

They wanted to develop a way for hard hat technicians to access the traffic controls via an app instead of having to access the control box.

Our Solution

Thus the Polara Field Services iOS app was born. Polara gives municipal traffic light technicians easy access to control boxes on intersections and allows them to modify the configurations for crosswalk push-button systems.

The Polara app is distributed to qualified technicians privately through the Polara distribution channel.

What Saritasa Did:

Unique Programming

The Polara app was developed in Objective C for iOS devices, which is essentially unheard of for this demographic of technical maintenance. Imagine a hard-hat technician who didn’t have to open up the control box at a traffic intersection — instead, he or she just accesses the controls via an iPhone or iPad. This breakthrough technology is what Polara brings to the table for maintenance workers. Our development team provided BLTE (Bluetooth Low Energy) protocol integration through an iOS application.

Development & APIs

Our development team completed a Beta version of the iOS application and implemented various APIs from client software. The app connects to a Push Button system via BlueTooth Low Energy.

User Interface

Saritasa’s team successfully captured all the functional requirements from the PC application and translated these to an iOS interface. As a result, the Polara app can perform all of the same functions on an iOS device. Polara will save maintenance teams and technicians time and money by providing the ability to work directly from an iOS device.

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