The Body Code

App Development

Their Challenge

The Body Code is a natural healing process pioneered by Dr. Bradley Nelson that promotes better health, wealth, and relationships. Over the years, Dr. Nelson has compiled a massive amount of knowledge and information which is collectively referred to as “The Body Code” and that he wanted to share with the world.

He came to us with a goal: to create an application that allows ordinary people to train with and use the Body Code system to promote natural healing.

Images from the Body Code App

Our Solution

The Body Code is a hybrid app system that works on Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac devices. It works by offering the user a series of questions which allows it to narrow down what could be wrong with your body and offer the possible solutions.

HTML5 Programming

In order to build a hybrid application that works across a range of devices, our programmers built the app using their extensive experience with the HTML5 programming language.


Our design team focused on creating an easy-to-use, understandable user interface to allow people new to The Body Code to easily learn the system and provide accessibility on desktop and mobile devices.

Cordova SDK

Our team utilized Apache Cordova to efficiently build a hybrid application that allows the app to be used on Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac devices.

Content Input

The Body Code contains a massive amount of information, including PDF manuals and Youtube videos, that our team imported and organized in the application.