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About AllStar Consulting Group

Allstar Elevator & Inspection Agency, Inc is a full-service elevator and escalator consulting agency founded in 2007 by individuals with over 40 years of experience in the elevator industry. The company witnesses over 6,000 elevator inspections each year all across the 5 boroughs of New York.


AllStar Consulting Group

Saritasa’s biggest strength is their customer service level — nothing compares to it. The company behind the SaaS product I used before changed sales representatives every four months, and I would have to explain my company all over again whenever a new one joined. However, My relationship with Saritasa now is very intimate, and we’re in constant communication whenever we want. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Michael KusnirCOO, Allstar Consulting Group

Their Challenge

In the dense urban jungle of New York City stand hundreds of skyscrapers evident by its impressive skyline. These towering juggernauts contain over 84,000 elevators, used by the city’s eight million residents daily. Given their critical role in daily life, it should come as no surprise that the city regulates these elevators rigorously for safety. Category 1 tests must be conducted annually, while Category 5 tests occur every 5 years by agencies licensed and accredited by the New York Department of Buildings. Each elevator inspection requires a 3rd party witness present at the time of inspection.

For years, Allstar had been using an MS-Dynamics solution to manage their business processes. With so many inspections, process flow, tracking, and scheduling are critical to the company’s smooth operation The problem? The system was not designed with their specific needs in mind. The result: a reliance on workarounds – adding significant overhead, manual labor, and inefficiencies.

Our Solution

Fed up with the current system, Allstar came to us to build a custom management tool. They wanted to reduce the number of third-party tools they used, automate processes, and get control over their data and workflows. New to the world of software, they were concerned about the size of the project. Our team worked closely with theirs to identify critical needs and define a Phase 1 that would deliver the most value for their investment.

The result is a custom CRM, inspection, and scheduling solution built with their company, business needs, and processes in mind. It eliminated their reliance on Google sheets, tedious manual entry, and the previous off-the-shelf software.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Scheduling Tool

Scheduling is a critical component in the world of NYC elevator inspections. Elevators need both annual and 5-year inspections, and can’t be inspected within specific times of the previous inspection. Our system tracks all these dates and timelines, automating the scheduling process while meeting legal requirements.

Complex Business Logic

The software handles the entire process, from generating proposals and invoices, to inspection checklists and scheduling. Proposals and invoices are generated from records automatically, making it easy for the back office staff to send them out. Inspectors still need to fill out paper sheets onsite, but once they are scanned, a report is sent to the DoB and the next inspection is scheduled.

Web Development

The system was designed and built for use on desktop devices. Our team of expert UI/UX designers worked closely with AllStar to understand their current workflows and come up with intuitive user flows for the web app. The system was built in Python and Angular.

Custom CRM

The custom-designed CRM helps track and manage the businesses Allstar works with, including; customers, elevator companies, and buildings. It also manages company contacts, employees, inspectors, and tax authorities. All the critical information to run their business is in one place – and they have complete control over the data and how it is stored.

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