Burger Boss Online Ordering


About Burger Boss

Burger Boss is a made-to-order burger chain based out of Riverside, California. Their entire mission is to put its customers in charge of their burgers. From the protein to the cooking time to all the toppings, all the choices are in the customer’s hands. At Burger Boss, the customer is the boss.

Burger Boss

[Saritasa has] very strong project management. I’ve never had such a strong project management team working on a project. They really understood the scope from front to end, and were able to gauge when we were and weren’t meeting certain timelines, and get us back on track.

The team is also always available to support us. We have a support contract with Saritasa, but there’s a lot of things they do that go above and beyond that. The team is always available to work with us and resolve any issues.

Kamil AsfourCTO of Burger Boss

Their Challenge

Burger Boss, leaning into their core ideology that the customer is in control, wanted to create a custom ordering system for their in-store and online ordering so that customers could see their orders being built.

Our Solution

Our team worked closely with Burger Boss to design an ordering system from the ground up to provide a high-quality user experience. Creating a beautifully designed online ordering system was critical to the success of this project. Our team was able to deliver a product that surpassed expectations in building a modern, fully animated web app.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

UI/UX Design

The entire point of the custom ordering system was to create a sleek ordering experience. The menu is animated to show the meal change as the user builds it. From protein to cheese to toppings, all of the components are fully customizable and animated in the builder.

Web & App Development

The kiosk, web, and mobile apps were all built using the Python programming language. The web version was wrapped into both iOS and Android apps.

Payment Integration

The Burger Boss apps and kiosk integrate with both Apple Pay and Google Pay to make payments as easy and secure as possible.

NCR Integration

NCR is one of the biggest and trusted point-of-sale systems for restaurants. The Burger Boss online ordering system is integrated with NCR to make the back office management easier for their team.

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