careLOFT Website & iOS App


About careLOFT

careLOFT was a start-up dedicated to providing quality SaaS tools to the healthcare industry, specifically for long-term and in-home care givers.



Their Challenge

Long term care facilities and in-home care professional follow specific guidelines to ensure the health and safety of their patients. careLOFT wanted to design an electronic medical records (EMR) system with those specific needs in mind.

Our Solution

A visionary new solution in healthcare management, careLOFT delivers affordable electronic medical records (EMR) software into the hands of caregivers. careLOFT is a secure and comprehensive patient management system built for the specific needs of long term care facilities and in-home care professionals to ensure collaborative quality care systems are in place for patients. The careLOFT website and iPhone app duo facilitate the coordination of patient care by caregivers to improve standards of care and reduce liability.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Content Management System

The careLOFT content management system (CMS) provides administrators and caregivers an easy to use platform to coordinate patient care and treatment plans such as medical appointments, medications, and dosing schedules.

Secure Database

Patient information, managed care forms and documents are protected on careLOFT’s secure database. The iPhone App is fully integrated with the careLOFT secured database providing caregivers real-time access to patient care information.

Remote Management

Robust automatic filing and remote management capability built into the careLOFT website and iPhone app provides caregivers greater access to important patient information, managed care forms, and documents from any location.

Website Design

The careLOFT website was designed using parallax scrolling, a technique using layered images which move at slow and different speeds. Parallax scrolling gives the illusion of depth resulting in a modern, engaging look and feel for the careLOFT website.

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