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About CareSphere

CareSphere, founded in 1981, is an industry-leading provider of home care. Ranked Pennslyvania residents’ #1 choice, they have a reputation for providing personalized and professional care to their patients.


We chose Saritasa over other developers due to their dedicated team. they are very client centered and focused very heavily on client satisfaction. They work with you on every angle and are very professional and experienced. We did not have much background in software development and they helped us pinpoint even better ideas and workflows that can enhance our software.

Yita MandelPresident & Owner of CareSphere, LLC

Their Challenge

Hiring and recruitment are some of the largest challenges for the home care industry. Home care is the medical treatment or assistive care for patients who need additional support to live at home safely. The home care market is expected to grow from $94 billion in 2022 to over $150 billion by 2029 (Source). The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to 7.21% growth from 2020 to 2021 alone (Source). As demand expands, home care providers need more staff to match the exploding need. However, the workloads, working conditions, and stress of taking care of patients are only some of the reasons why home healthcare struggles to recruit and retain workers.

To achieve the highest quality of care, CareSphere has a rigorous recruitment and hiring process that all applicants must go through. Their first-hand experience with the challenges of hiring home care workers allows them to understand where the processes can be improved.

Our Solution

CareSphere approached Saritasa seeking custom software to increase hiring efficiency, reduce internal overhead, and streamline the process for new applicants and back-office

personnel. The solution is a two-part system: a mobile application for applicants and a web app for hiring managers. Saritasa provided consulting on planning the platform, as well as design, development, and deployment services.

The result is a robust, yet intuitive platform that guides prospective home care workers through the entire application process. CareSphere employees can easily manage applicants, schedule interviews, and select workers to hire through the web portal. In future versions, they plan to add orientation and onboarding functionality to expand the app’s capabilities.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Android Application Development

Potential workers can apply for home care jobs directly from their phones with the CareSphere app. Applicants can browse job listings, complete online applications, schedule interviews, upload onboarding documents, and chat about any potential questions quickly and easily. Our team of experienced Kotlin developers built a Native Android app to optimize the user’s experience.

Backend Development

Backoffice staff can access applications via a web portal. They can see applicants waiting for interviews, schedule interviews, request documents, and send job offers. The backend system was built using Python by our team of expert backend developers.

Live Streaming Interviews

Once applicants pass the initial qualification process, including an in-app exam, they can enter a queue for an interview. At their designated interview time, applicants and interviewers join live video calls from their corresponding mobile or web app.

Government-Compliant Automated Hiring Process

A single platform contains the entire application, hiring, and onboarding process. From the initial application to screening, interviewing, the job offer, and even background checks. Every step of is fully compliant with government regulations. Candidates upload all their forms – passport, driver’s license, fingerprints, etc. Once an offer is accepted, the system automatically creates a new employee record via API integration with HHAExchange.

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