Choros Space Booking for Visix


About Visix

Visix Digital Signage offers a robust suite of signage and space-booking solutions. From business conference rooms to university study halls, their products provide comprehensive support for better communication. For over 40 years, Visix has delivered over 4,000 digital signage solutions across three continents. Their philosophy revolves around delivering solutions that are simple to use, easy to manage, and effortless to integrate.


What made Saritasa stand out was their experience not only in traditional software products but also their extensive experience in AR technology… Saritasa has been quick to address any technical challenges we’ve run into. They can provide solutions to whatever technical hurdles we face. Overall, they deliver high-quality work — the software they’ve built for us has been truly reliable and robust.

Trey HicksCOO of Visix, Inc

Their Challenge

One of Visix’s core product offerings is Meeting Room Signs, which are physical screens installed outside of office spaces that allow individuals to book time in that space. While these signs allow users to quickly and easily secure spaces, the hardware itself requires a manual installation process, cabling to each room, and can be extremely costly. Visix, passionate about delivering the best possible visual communication solutions for every size, scale, and budget, knew there must be a better way.

Our Solution

Visix came to us with a vision: to introduce the first app-less space-booking software on the market. Modeled after mobile-based augmented reality technology, Choros gives users all the features of room signs without any hardware, cabling, or apps. The new alternative to physical meeting room signs is more cost-effective, easier to install, and can be used for far more than just meeting rooms.

Choros is a patent-pending, first-of-its-kind software on the market and won Best in Show in AV Technology Magazinge at InfoComm 2023.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Web AR Technology

There’s an app for everything nowadays. What once was a boon has turned into a customer-experience nightmare as consumers fight to reduce the number of one-use apps on their devices. Visix purposefully avoided creating a mobile app, instead relying on WebAR technology to create a frictionless, browser-based experience for users. Choros was built with Angular.JS and Python for the backend and Angular for the frontend.

QR Code Trigger

The experience is triggered by a QR code pasted on the desk or outside the space they want to book. The user scans the QR code with their smartphone, which launches Choros in a web-browser. From there, the user can preview the space, view the schedule, book it, and view other rooms – all without signing up for an account.

Calendar System Integration

Currently, Choros integrates with Microsoft Calendar 360, with over 10 different calendar integrations in the roadmap. The backend logic to integrate with calendars was the biggest technical challenge for this project, requiring Saritasa to build a system that adapts seamlessly to whatever time the user scans the code.

3D Room Previews

For many meetings, having the right hardware and room size is critical. Choros allows users to preview a 3D rendering of the space they are booking as they book it. The preview shows the number of seats in the room as well as the amenities, such as a coffee machine, white board, communication system, projector, and more.

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