City of Los Angeles – VR Truck Inspection


About City of Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles is the most populous city in California with over 3.8 million residents spread over 502 square miles.

City of Los Angeles

The Saritasa team has a keen eye for developing a realistic experience. When we had questions about voiceovers and ambient noise, they always had answers for us. Their team explained all the details that made the scene more realistic.

Rhiannon KirchnerManager at the City of Los Angeles

Their Challenge

The City of Los Angeles is responsible for the testing of truck drivers in order to qualify for many different job positions. These tests take a lot of time and resources including getting vehicles from the garage to a test site. The tests need to be scheduled for specific days at physical testing locations in order to test large groups all at once for efficiency. The virtual exam also allows for more efficient grading since it is captured on video for centralized scoring at any time.

Our Solution

Our team worked with the City of LA to build a virtual reality(VR) experience that allows them to more easily test truck drivers on a range of different pre-trip vehicle inspection points. A virtual reality experience minimizes costs and resources associated with testing. With a VR headset, the tests could be conducted anywhere and do not need to be scheduled for only large groups of applicants.

Saritasa worked with the City of LA to create a proof of concept of the pre-trip vehicle inspection to help prove how virtual reality can be used as an innovative and efficient assessment tool.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Unity Development

Our development team built the Proof-of-Concept for a virtual pre-trip vehicle inspection in Unity for the HTC Vive Cosmos. The purpose of the experience is to test prospective truck drivers on their ability to identify potential problems pre-trip. There’s a total of 14 items that applicants can interact with, with 7 correct choices and 7 incorrect choices.

Timed Testing Experience

The tests have a 25-minute limit to complete. In order to avoid having a distracting timer counting down in the corner of the experience, we added a virtual watch that counts down the minutes. The watch is also how an applicant can end the test by selecting and holding the watch. The holding functionality is required so that users do not accidentally end the tests early.

Unique Navigation

Applicants can navigate the experience via teleporting or using the joystick on the controller to “walk”. The tricky part of developing the navigation was ensuring that the user is always facing the truck without needing to turn around in real life.

Secure Scoring

The results of the test are password-protected so that only approved personnel can view the scores and video recordings. The goal of the experience was to create a test that is as seamless as possible for both the proctors and the examinees.

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