InkUs Mobile App


About InkUs

Joe Ankae, an extremely skilled tattoo artist, wanted to create a way for tattoo enthusiasts to easily find the right tattoo artist for their needs. InkUs is a mobile app that does exactly that.



Their Challenge

A 2021 study by Statista found that 26% of Americans have at least one tattoo – a number that is only growing. Between 2017 and 2022, the tattoo industry has grown an average of 8.4% a year, outpacing the US economy (Source). Millennials are the most tattooed generation, and with more Gen Z turning 18 every year, the demand for these services is exploding (Source).

Those interested in tattoos often struggle in two areas: the concept and finding an artist. People searching for tattoo ideas often scour the internet, from Pinterest to Instagram to Google Images, but no platform has tattoo-specific search functionality. With so many styles, from Japanese to New School to Micro and more, it can be hard for people new to the industry to find their perfect match. And even when they do, next comes the search for the perfect artist. Just like tattoo concepts, there is no central platform to find artists nearby or view their portfolios.

Joe Ankae, a tattoo artist himself, realized there must be a better way. Rather than relying on a multitude of disconnected platforms, he wanted to design a place where artists could share their work and customers could find inspiration and artists. That’s how he came up with InkUs – designed by tattoo artists, for the tattoo industry.

Our Solution

While Joe is the creative and driving force behind InkUs, he needed a technical team to help design and develop the platform. Thanks to our vast experience across web and mobile development, Saritasa was the perfect fit for the job.

Our team worked with InkUs to understand the needs driving the project and built a custom tattoo search and gallery platform. The vision of the platform is to help people find inspiration for their tattoos and connect with artists to create inked masterpieces.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

UI/UX Design

Saritasa’s team of expert user interface and user experience designers created custom workflows and designs for the InkUs app. The goal was an easy-to-use app that put tattoo designs at the forefront.

Artist Profile

Tattoo artists create profiles to showcase their portfolios and attract customers. Users can search for artists based on location, style, and pricing. If they find an artist they like, they can follow the artist or message them to book an appointment.

iOS App Development

The InkUs app is a native iOS app built using Swift and PHP to deliver a clean, intuitive user experience. The result is a scalable gallery platform showcasing unique and beautiful tattoo art shared by artists all over the US.

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