Innova iOS Application


About Innova

Innova Electronic Corp, based in Irvine, CA, supplies top-tier automotive aftermarket diagnostics from US/Canada facilities, focusing on quality and innovation.



Their Challenge

Detailed research is a crucial part of used car shopping, and the stress of not knowing where to start is alleviated by this exciting new app.

Our Solution

The newly released Innova App, created for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, is an invaluable tool when preparing to purchase a used vehicle. The iOS application, developed for Innova, allows users to research reliable used cars from the palm of their hand, searching vehicle scores, market value, and the Top Ten vehicles in specific categories.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Data Entry

Innova users can enter a car’s VIN number using the keyboard, or by taking a picture with the iOS device camera to scan the VIN barcode. Information regarding the vehicle will be confirmed before displaying the market value, vehicle grade, Vehicle Health Index Score, and an estimated cost of ownership for the upcoming years.

Database Integration

The Innova App integrates with its’ own expansive database through application programming interface (API) calls to access vehicle information requested by the users, related to make, model, mileage, cost, and more.

Optimized User Experience

The Innova App focuses on optimizing the user-experience as a part of its core design. Saritasa developers implemented a clean, easy-to-understand user interface design with a simplistic workflow that is highly intuitive so users can find their ideal vehicle quickly and easily.

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