IoT Monitoring App for iOS Devices


About the IoT Monitoring Solution

Medium One and Microchip partnered with Saritasa to create a first-of-its-kind Smart Monitoring IoT Solution kit, complete with all the core components to connect any device to the Internet of Things.



Their Challenge

Microchip and Medium One had the hardware and firmware skills necessary for IoT enablement, but not the software skills. The companies needed the right part with experience in software, IoT, and mobile apps to create the right experience for the IoT kit.

Our Solution

Saritasa mobile app developers developed a fully integrated iOS mobile and tablet app, that tracks sensors, data and manages notifications and alerts. The app is also an open source reference design for engineers and developers.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

iOS Compatibility

The IoT Monitoring App can be used on both iPhones and iPads, allowing for easier access, monitoring, and management of the Microchip/Medium One Solution Kit.

Data Collection

The App transforms the data collected from Medium One’s end-to-end IoT platform and the Microchip MCU board in real-time into readable metrics and insights for the iOS App.


Lets the user visualize their connected Microchip IoT Ethernet board that supports a variety of sensors such as Air Quality, Motion Detection, Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity. Users can see both current and historic readings from the sensor, as well as, toggle on/off the LED lights on the board. The App also supports setting a variety of rules including Medium One’s Smart Notification capabilities.

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