Lyynks Website & Apps


About Lyynks

Lyynks Music was an innovative start-up platform with a goal to foster a musical community for fans, musicians, labels, venues, festivals, and beyond.



Their Challenge

Lyynks wanted to create a music platform built for indie artists, not the mainstream. They wanted to give users the ability to find new, local music that they wouldn’t find on the radio.

Our Solution

Saritasa helped develop Lyynks, a powerful audio/video platform with intelligent streaming capabilities that also creates marketing opportunities for musicians and bands nationwide! Saritasa’s team of developers worked diligently with the client to create this innovative platform that caters to people who love music of all genres.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Audio/Video Development

A highly customized HTML5 software engine was implemented for a polished user interface and experience, utilizing various audio/video codecs for streaming purposes.

Content Management System

A refined website content management system was built to create branding options for musicians to present their media content and sell merchandise to users.

UI Design

The Lyynks platform was designed to provide an intuitive user experience to end-users accessing thousands of musicians’ content with the ability to purchase or rent music and stream it to their Windows/Mac device or mobile application.

Payment Gateways & APIs

Advanced ACH Payment Processing API integration to distribute profits directly and securely to each musician/band owned account. Customized REST API was implemented for the network-based software architecture.

Scalable Production Environment

A scalable production environment was built to provide availability and reliability for high volumes of traffic.

Self-Healing Infrastructure

A fault-tolerant solution was delivered in the cloud that can self-heal any system failures and simultaneously scale up or down on demand.

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