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About My Open Road

My Open Road partnered with UC Irvine, UCLA, US San Diago, the City of Los Angeles, the city of Victoria, and Camosun College in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to promote energy conservation initiatives.

With their help, we were able to produce a very stable and user-lovable product. Our users and customers enjoyed deployment and utilization of our energy-saving technology at several universities, companies, and local governments in the US and Canada.

Some notable customers were UC Irvine, UCLA, US San Diago, the City of Los Angeles, the city of Victoria, and Camosun College in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The overall outcome on our first two years of deployment resulted in a measured reduction of Co2 emissions of over 5 million tons.

Jeff WeissCEO of My Open Road Corp

Their Challenge

My Open Road (MOR) promotes energy conservation through creating a fun, social competition between friends.

Our Solution

Saritasa provided development for the My Open Road Website and Mobile App for Android and iOS devices. The mission of MOR is to create a reward-based system with incentives that encourages users to make simple changes in their lifestyle and get rewards for doing so.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Social Responsibility Score

The Social Responsibility Score (SRS) is geared by incentives. Once a user begins accumulating points in any mode of travel, they can redeem their rewards at participating merchants, like restaurants and local boutiques. Through My Open Road’s marketing website, businesses can sign up and reward their customers for saving energy. In offering specials offers to customers, businesses show how socially responsible they are, and gain new business for a great cause. The incentive in being more energy efficient results in social change and creates an easy way for business to market themselves.

Programming Languages

Java, Android’s native programming language, and Objective C (Apple’s native programming language) was used in developing the front-end mobile application. The My Open Road website was developed using both HTML and JavaScript languages. These languages were implemented to include all the best features in design, navigation, and optimization. The HTML script was implemented in order to support multimedia and graphic content on the site, including videos and live feeds. Our client wanted a promotional website that could host multitudes of information that is both captivating and informative for their audience.

User Interface

The main goal behind the website and app design was to increase efficiency and make both platforms easy to navigate. The interface is clean, modern and easy to use. Saritasa’s design team created the wireframes for the iOS application, maintaining the design and layout of My Open Road’s unique branding. The focus of development on both apps was to create an interactive place for users to educate themselves on their carbon footprint, reducing Co2 emissions, and provide insight on how we can all do our part to help save the world.

Travel Modes & GPS Tracking

Saritasa’s team of developers worked with the client’s current backend API to create specific user modes for this application. The patent pending technology allows the application to detect the type of transportation being used (whether it may be biking, driving, walking, etc.) to create and maintain energy-efficient travel modes. In each mode, users can see how much money they’ve saved in gas mileage and how many miles they have traveled. The GPS tracking capabilities in the app track how far users go, in any of the travel modes, and calculates points earned based on the distance traveled. The more energy efficient the travel methods are, the more points earned.

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