About Sony DADC

Sony DADC is a top provider in entertainment services and micro-optics production, ensuring swift global response to diverse customer needs.



Their Challenge

Sony DADC’s clients and networks range from service offices, optical media production firms, distribution and digital facilities in 19 countries worldwide. As a digital solution provider, Sony DADC aims to connect global media content providers (such as the BBC, airlines, and Netflix) and producers (Disney or Universal Studios).

Our Solution

Saritasa developed the Sony DADC Acuity 3D iPad app, an intelligent tool for Sony’s Global Sales Force to present distribution sales information to international companies and potential clients.

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Digital Media Orders

The app provides an intelligent and sleek way to showcase digital media (movies, TV programs, and Internet content) to industry executives to view on iPads in 2D & 3D.

Unity 3D App Development

Implemented Unity software to create a 3D virtual world to display, which can be managed by individual salespeople.

3D Virtual World

Inspired by the movie Tron, the 3D world allows salespeople to create their own “space”; including planets, stars and spaceships, all which can be manipulated with the swipe of a finger. These elements contain real-time data that aggregate information about current digital product availability, movie data, competitive buyer information and more.

International Capabilities

With the Sony Acuity iPad app, international companies can select from a large range of language options and audio tracks, along with various resolutions. For example, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean can be purchased in 16/9 & 4/3 resolution with captions in Arabic, German, English, French, or Russian audio tracks. The language options are expansive within the app.

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