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About Sports Thread

Sports Thread is a leading youth sports SaaS platform with an audience of over 2 million people. It operates as a network to connect athletes with recruiters while simultaneously providing solutions to automate the logistics of hosting sporting events. The company runs over 1,000 events per year and works with over 200 brands and partner clients.

Sports Thread

Our goals were to become a market leader by getting hundreds of clients to use our Software-as-a-Service and advertising network and millions of people to use our consumer software (apps and websites). Through Saritasa’s partnership with us and excellent development we have achieved those goals.

Most importantly, the people at Saritasa truly care about their clients. Our company is constantly impressed and thankful for how clear it is that everyone in the Saritasa organization from leadership, to project mangers, to marketing/design staff to engineers are clearly invested in our success and are willing to go above and beyond to get us there.

Sean LearyFounder & CEO of Sports Thread

Their Challenge

Out of the nearly 8 million high school student-athletes, only approximately 6% of end up competing in the National Collegiate Athlete Association (NCAA). Fewer receive financial aid based on their athletics – only about 2%. Given how competitive both the recruitment and scholarship processes are, student-athletes struggle to find ways to stand out from the crowd.

Sean Leary, a former Division 1 college pitcher, understood the difficulties of the recruitment process from first-hand experience. He envisioned a platform similar to LinkedIn, geared toward student-athletes, to connect them with coaches. As a student-athlete still in college at the time, he had the idea, but not the technical knowledge to execute his vision.

Our Solution

Saritasa started work on Sports Thread in 2014, building out the wireframes for what would evolve into the first social networking and Software as a Service platform for the youth sports market.

Since then, the app has seen tremendous success, ranking within the Top 200 apps in the App Store for over 18 consecutive months. The platform is used by more than one million individuals in the youth athletic community annually. Sean Leary has received recognition in USA Today as a “Top 10 Most Innovative Entrepreneur 2021”. Sports Thread has been recognized as a “Top 3 Tech Startup – Denver Tech Center” by Crunchbase and the Tech Tribune in March 2022 as well as a “2019 Top Technology Company” (Intercon).

Our Approach

What Saritasa Did

Social Networking Platform

The original concept was to create a way for student-athletes to share their achievements in one, easy-to-use platform. Athletes are able to upload videos of game highlights, stats, and other measurables to their profiles. They can even live-stream games. They can connect with coaches and other athletes, interact with posts, and communicate over the platform.

Multiple Use Cases

Student-athletes share important information about their track records on their profiles, making it easy for coaches to find new recruits. Student-athletes can communicate directly with coaches to get noticed. Coaches can scout new potential recruits by viewing highlight reels and stats. Parents can even create accounts to follow their child’s posts, keep track of games and scores, and get notifications from coaches about upcoming games.

SaaS Suite for Tournaments

Sports Thread is a full-suite SaaS solution for tournaments, offering registration, payment processing, scheduling, scoring, and communication directly to participants within the app. Event organizers can create and set up schedules, as well as notify coaches and parents of game time or location changes.

Age Verification Tool

Sports Thread Play Safe verifies the age of participants in youth sports tournaments with automation. In order to get a leg up in competitions, some children participate in tournaments geared towards younger opponents to take advantage of their size and speed, To combat this, tournament use manual checks to verify participants’ birth certificates. With Sports Thread Play Safe, manual verification is a thing of the past.

Mobile App Development

The platform was built natively for both iOS and Android devices, using Swift and Kotlin respectively. It is also accessible on web browsers on desktops.

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